Artist & Writer, San Francisco Bay Area



I’m a Bay Area artist with a BFA in New Genres fr the San Francisco Art Institute. I use artwork to examine emotional landscapes and social structures. I’ve exhibited my work in San Francisco, New York, Miami, Santa Fe, and Provincetown.


I do all sorts of projects, some of which include pieces that can be acquired and displayed. I sell some of my work on my website. I don’t make art for that purpose, but I do enjoy making things… so sometimes I end up with tangible art objects.


I make art because I have an endless supply of questions and I’m curious about so many things. I make each series by focusing in on a particular experience. I try to find answers by making art. It’s not that I expect to arrive at distinct answers, but I enjoy learning new things along the way.


I don’t set prices based on expecting a dollar amount to communicate how I value myself as an artist or how I value the work itself. I price based on labor, materials, size, form, need, and what seems reasonable to me as a return for that particular work at a particular point in time. My income comes mainly from other sources. I do not set my prices in anticipation of making my work a future art commodity. It is what it is.