Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Artist, San Francisco Bay Area

Recent Work


Animated Video: Holding On, 2018. 63 sec, no audio.

Animation over image of an acrylic painting.

Paintings: Acrylic on Birch Panel, 2018-2019

Digital Print: America, America, 2018. 12″ x 9″

Digital drawing, Epson print on Pacon white sulphite paper

Text & Sound Video: Us Talking, 2018. 1min 39sec, audio.

The audio in this video includes: recordings of children seeking asylum at the US border in Texas, 2018; the May Day Parade in Chicago, 2006 (credit: Ignotus at Free; and a refugee rights protest in London, 2016.

Digital Print: This is Me, This is You (Not Listening), 2018, digital print with wax, 18″ x 24″. 

(The text is follows the images below.)

The text below is from the left side of the piece from the perspective of the viewer.

This is You/ This is about who is best/ Can’t you see I need power/

I see you weak because you are weak/ My strength is my protection/ You think you’re so smart/ I know better/

I never liked you/ You look bad/ You don’t even take care of yourself/ You aren’t curious, you’re argumentative/ You aren’t smart, you’re empty/ You aren’t beautiful, you’re nothing/ You aren’t friendly, you’re stupid/ You’re so sensitive/ I knew you’d react like this/

You wanted this/ You’re entitled/ I’ve earned what I have/ This doesn’t belong to you/ None of this is yours/ I don’t want to hear you/ Stop complaining/ If you want it, get it yourself/ If you got it, you stole it/ You don’t deserve what I have/ I’ll tell you what you deserve/ You don’t deserve anything/

What about me/ I’ve done good things/ You don’t thank me/

I’ll tell you what’s wrong/ You’re what’s wrong/ I don’t want you here/ You came here to take/ You are conniving/ You want too much/ You are a big problem/ Your problems are your fault/ Stop talking to me about doing you wrong/ Stop talking to me about learning more/ Stop talking to me about forgetting things/ Stop talking to me about what you deserve/ You always complain/ You complain because you’re weak/ Your complaints don’t matter/ I’ll tell you what matters/ I won’t listen to you/ You listen to me/ Nobody’s done you wrong/ You’re what’s wrong with you/ I never did anything wrong/ You’re causing problems/ Nobody ever hurt you/

You need to know your place/ You don’t belong next to me/ You don’t belong here/ If you come closer, you’re a threat/ If you don’t move, I’m suspicious/ If you run away, I’m enraged/

I’ll show you/ I’m in control/ I’ll speak/ You’ll do what I say/ You don’t belong here/ I’ll keep belonging here

The text below is from the right side of the piece from the perspective of the viewer.

This is Me/ This should be about what is best/ Can’t you see you tower over me

I know what’s strong and what’s weak/ Your strength pushes me back/ You don’t even know me/ I know what I know/

I never liked this/ I know how you see me/ I ‘ve always taken care of myself/ I just want you to hear me/ I just want you to know something/ I just want to be valued/ I just want to be seen/ How I react is normal/ What I feel is real/

I didn’t want this/ Don’t take away what I have/ I want credit for what I’ve earned/ What I have belongs to me/ I have what I have/ My voice is something/ I will keep talking/ I will keep living/ I will keep working/ I want my own life/ I’m telling you what I deserve/ I deserve what I’m owed/

What about me/I’ve done good things/ You don’t think about me/

You tell me what’s wrong/ That’s what’s wrong/ I want to be here/ I’m here because I’m me/ I want something/ I am hopeful/ The problem is big/ The problem is not me/ You can’t hear your wrongs/ You can’t hear if you don’t want to know/ You can’t hear what you can’t see/ You can’t hear what I need/ I keep talking/ I keep talking because I am strong/ I matter/ What I say matters/ Listen to me/ You’re always talking/ I know what feels wrong/ I am not the problem/ You never listened/ You’re ignoring problems/ You never asked what hurt me

I know my place/ I belong where I am/ I belong where I am/ If I come closer, you’re threatened/ If I don’t move, you’re suspicious/ If I run away, you’re enraged/

Let me show you/ Let me control my life/ Let me talk to you/ Let me be/ I belong where I am/ I belong to myself

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