Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Artist, San Francisco Bay Area


Video & Animation Projects

Holding On, 2018. 63sec, no audio.

Digital animation over digital photo of acrylic painting.

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Us Talking, 2018. 1min 49sec, audio.

The audio in this video includes: recordings of children seeking asylum at the US border in Texas, 2018; the May Day Parade in Chicago, 2006 (credit: Ignotus at Free; and a refugee rights protest in London, 2016.

See  images from Mi Polígrafa.

Concepción (Topography), 2014. 2min 49sec, audio.

This is based on an abstract portrait of a fictional character named Concepción. In this video, she searches for understanding through self-reflection.  

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It’s still, 2013. 2min 20sec, audio.

Core footage taken 7 Oct 2013 at National September 11 Memorial in NYC, on the 12th anniversary of the start of the US war in Afghanistan. I used several postcards purchased at the Museum of Modern Art… Jasper Johns’ “Flag”… I arranged them on the ground under the trees at the 9/11 memorial, then I walked in circles around the flags taking iPhone video, getting more and more dizzy. When I returned home, I printed my own series of flags and used them for the top layers of this video, with the original video showing as the very bottom layer.

The Interview, 2011. 7min 9sec, audio.

The script I wrote and used here was originally read by another artist in Miami, Dec. 2010. In this video, I used google translator to ask myself the questions I wish someone had asked me. 

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Inquieta/in quiet a, 2011. 5min 30sec, no audio.

EHThe word inquieta is the feminine form of restless in Spanish. The correct pronunciation is een-kee-EH-tah but I make the mistake of saying een-QUIE-tah, blending it with the English word quiet, and with that, I give away the fact that I am not a fluent Spanish speaker, despite many attempts at learning. There is no I or eye sound in Spanish. Inquieta/in quiet a is a silent video of a solo performance I did in 2011. I try to reconcile my family’s history with my personal one, and these experiences co-exist and repel each other, familiar opposites that live separated by a border inside my mind. These hands, my hands: 100 American and 93.75 Mexican,  descended from migrant workers, immigrants, emigrants, plumbers, entrepreneurs, storytellers, makers, designers, and builders from north & south of a US/Mexico border that did a lot of changing through the years.

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