Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Artist, San Francisco Bay Area

Project Space

In the Project Space

Investigations, Inquiries, & Diversions

Early Art Education

I am the artist in residence at the Center of Gravity, the i3 STEM Lab Preschool in Pleasant Hill, CA. I use Harvard's Studio Thinking art education pedagogy to teach these little students in small groups, helping them– hopefully– think like artists for many years to come. Working with such young students is really magical and informs my own work as an artist. I'm re-experiencing the newness of art-making. 


Activate! is the set of designed-by-me products made with drawings I create when the news stresses me out.  All profits from Activate! will be donated to the non-profit organizations listed in the product descriptions.

Writing a Book

This is a long term project. It's currently titled "Several Places at Once", and that's about all I can say right now. The main character and her plot are still in development. In Nov 2017 I completed over 50,000 words of this book by participating in NaNoWriMo. 

The Studio MFA

This is the plan I came up with to pursue a graduate art school experience on my own terms. I identified the main components of an MFA education that I wanted, then I set about making this happen for myself. This lasted for almost a year in 2014, interrupted and complicated by a major bike accident I had in the spring. Even so, I came up with main subjects of focus, met with an artist for feedback, had peer critique sessions, and worked as much as I could in my art studio. 

Gathered Links

This is a casual project in which I gather various pieces of loosely related information: magazine or newspaper articles, podcasts, TV shows, excerpts from books, etc etc... all can be accessed via the hyperlinks I include. It's a window into the extra things I’m learning and thinking about. These ideas work their way into my visual and written work.

Art I Love

I haven’t started this project yet, but I know I will enjoy sharing artwork and artists I love with anyone who follows what I’m up to. And, I'll have questions to help people figure out what they love! My faves are mostly 20th Century… but also Lascaux Cave Paintings! And Artemisia Gentileschi! And more! (:

Past Projects, Completed

Collaborations, Experiments, & Connections

You Are Not Here

This was a collaborative installation and social media-based performance project from April 2014. I worked with Kansas City based artist Laura Isaac, and we sent each other on explorations of Oakland (for me) and St. Louis (for her). We investigated our cities using psychogeography, an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and “drifting” around urban environments.

I Will Find

In February 2013, I made daily artwork that responded to research of people's online interactions. I searched for kindness in the most contentious online discussions. Did kindness change anything?  How much hostility would I have to sort through to find goodness? Each day, I searched for one source interaction, then made one artwork based on the source. I documented the experiences throughout the month, and concluded with 28 new artworks.


I made an abstract/sculptural portrait of each artist that exhibited alongside me in the original art show. At the time I made these pieces, I knew the artists via social media, but had only met two “in real life”. I sourced text from each artist’s personal Facebook page, looking for what seemed to capture the essences of the artists’ work that I had come to know.  Through social media, a bridge of information spans the miles between us all, and the contrast of the physical distance and the electronic proximity fascinates me.

An Anthropological Experience & An Artifact

Entering into any new social space brings with it a kind of learning curve. In Fall of 2010, I was new to Twitter and was learning “the lay of the land”. I decided to source text from all the tweets that came through my feed, so that by making art from those words, I might learn about the social structures and hierarchy of online communities. So, this project has three parts: immersion into the culture of twitter, documenting the experience through the mixed material artwork I made from others' tweets, then the replication of the experience through the writing + performance of the script titled The Interview.

When the Pieces

In addition to thanking a group of unrelated people in the art community, I did this project to put my artwork out into the world as a part of the gift economy. 

Wish You Were

This is a project I did to be able to participate in the 2011 Mail Art Bulletin at Hyperallergic, the online art mag based in Brooklyn. With many of my online artist connections being near there, I decided to consider all the online world that is physically here in the Bay Area, and how I wished my online art community was physically here also. So I traveled the Bay Area, mailing them art from the local post offices of Craigslist, Twitter, Apple, Google, and Facebook. I also took pictures from each of the headquarters and posted them online.


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