Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Artist, San Francisco Bay Area

Oh, the Places We Post!

On Social Media Use and Living a Normal Life   Sensibility A place: a physical environment or space, an indefinite region or expanse, a building or part of a building, a particular spot, a distinct position, or a state of mind. Places Read more…

Connected Brains Make a Social Group

This is a list of links I gathered back in June about some of what I heard & read & watched & thought about at the beginning of the summer. (I didn’t finish the list at the time, and there Read more…

Hacking Clickbait

The show I was just in, IRL: Internet <-> Real Life just concluded on Jan. 3rd & is about to be packed up. (Thanks, Laura Isaac, for all you did for the show!!). It was in Kansas City at the Paragraph Gallery run Read more…


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