Artist & Writer, San Francisco Bay Area

Mi Polígrafa

Mi Polígrafa (2017-now)

I watch my country’s current events closely. Our national self-concept suffers from a terrible cognitive dissonance: saying we stand for one thing while holding views and behaving in ways that are incompatible with our grand principles. I use American symbols, bold lines, and clear forms to specifically say what I think needs to be said. 

It’s still, 2013. 2min 20sec, audio.

My heart is still beating even though time stood still the moment I found out my nephew was killed in Afghanistan, And the war goes on. Core footage taken 7 Oct 2013 at National September 11 Memorial in NYC, on the 12th anniversary of the start of the US war in Afghanistan. I used several postcards purchased at the Museum of Modern Art… Jasper Johns’ “Flag”… I arranged them on the ground under the trees at the 9/11 memorial, then I walked in circles around the flags taking iPhone video, getting more and more dizzy. When I returned home, I printed my own series of flags and used them for the top layers of this video, with the original video showing as the very bottom layer. To make this, I placed an iPad on top of a full (uncut) American flag, then covered it with my printed flags before shooting this video.