Artist & Writer, San Francisco Bay Area

I Will Find

I Will Find (2013)

In February 2013, I made daily artwork that responded to research of people’s interactions across as many online platforms as I could think of. I searched for kindness in the most contentious online discussions. Did kindness change anything?  How much hostility would I have to sort through to find goodness? Each day, I searched for one source interaction, then made one artwork based on the source. I documented the experiences throughout the month, and concluded with 28 new artworks.

1 video, 2 photographs, 3 sculptures, 7 works on paper, 15 painted panels sizes variable, from 4″ x 4″ to 16″ x 16″ February 1-28, 2013

Screenshots from the website (now found at Showing: the About page, a sample page from one of the 28 daily posts, the intro post about the project, then four end-of-week recaps along with a few in-between posts.

Source text compilation, “I Will Find” project, 2013. Comments from news articles, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube; forum chats from mental health support, a journalist’s website, 4chan, and Stormfront.