Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Artist, San Francisco Bay Area

I Will Find

I Will Find

In February 2013, I made daily artwork that responded to research of people’s interactions across as many online platforms as I could think of. I searched for kindness in the most contentious online discussions. Did kindness change anything?  How much hostility would I have to sort through to find goodness? Each day, I searched for one source interaction, then made one artwork based on the source. I documented the experiences throughout the month, and concluded with 28 new artworks.

1 video, 2 photographs, 3 sculptures, 7 works on paper, 15 painted panels sizes variable, from 4″ x 4″ to 16″ x 16″ February 1-28, 2013

Screenshots from the website (now found at Showing: the About page, a sample page from one of the 28 daily posts, the intro post about the project, then four end-of-week recaps along with a few in-between posts.

Source text compilation, “I Will Find” project, 2013. Comments from news articles, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube; forum chats from mental health support, a journalist’s website, 4chan, and Stormfront.

Well (Nailed it.)
From a questionable place (you seem to be angry, why so?)
Almost (I hope so)
What isn’t obvious (do you need my help?)
This time (Let this be your healing)
The exact same (I feel the exact same way)
Everything (what were you thinking the focus should be on)
What continuous (I like exchanging ideas)
Please (everything takes time)
Been where (its ok, we've all been there)
This unwanted (I hope it continues to increase)
Here (Rest well)
Is there (where he belongs)
What is still (I want to go back, despite differences)
What listening looks like (I don’t think you read my comment or you were responding to someone else)
Disparate places (You’re both truly angels)
Said, sincerely (My tiny blackened heart breaks)
Around there (hope she wins the race)
Every time (I needed that so badly)
What is known (first off, everything is going to be fine)
Somewhere, anonymously (yeah I understand, some has faded for me but a lot is still there)
Okay (good luck with this)
Really (Oh, so sorry to hear that)
Really (Oh, so sorry to hear that)

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