Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Artist, San Francisco Bay Area

On Paper

Monoprints, Collage, Mixed Media, and Digital Prints on Paper

From Mi Polígrafa, 2017 – current

America, America
We Are Home
No Words
Pledge Justice

This is my collection of politically responsive graphics made as I experience breaking news.​

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From Concepción, 2015

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From Viscera, 2015

Viscera, in pieces #4
Viscera, in pieces #5
Looking (hungry), 15″ x 11″, mixed material
Looking (losing), 15″ x 11″, mixed material

Here I thought about the places inside ourselves where visceral reactions come from. 

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From I Will Find, 2013

Almost (I hope so)
Disparate places (You’re both truly angels)
From a questionable place (you seem to be angry, why so?)
Around there (hope she wins the race)

I searched through the most contentious online communities and discussions, looking for one source kind interaction each day. I made one artwork in response and documented the experiences throughout the month, concluding with 28 new artworks.

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From Headings 1, 2012

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From When the Pieces, 2011

In addition to making pieces to thank several unrelated people in the art community, I did this project to put my artwork out into the world as a part of the gift economy. 

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From Wish You Were, 2011

For this project I visited the physical locations of five companies that powered online life in 2011. I mailed postcards from the local post office of each company to an art space in Brooklyn, NY as a way of tethering three places: the Bay Area where I live, my life online, and the art community in Brooklyn where I wished I could be.

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