Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Artist, San Francisco Bay Area

On Panel

Paintings and Mixed Media on Panel

From Headings 2, 2018

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From ProGRESS, 2016

This series of paintings, begun in November 2016, was a way for me to examine the concept of progress. 

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From Viscera, 2015

Here I thought about the places inside ourselves where visceral reactions come from. 

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From IRL, 2014

To create these abstract sculptural portraits, I considered how social media bridges the miles between myself and five artists, forging an experience of electronic proximity despite the physical distance.​

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From I Will Find, 2013

I searched through the most contentious online communities and discussions, looking for one source kind interaction each day. I made one artwork in response and documented the experiences throughout the month, concluding with 28 new artworks.

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From Headings 1, 2012-2017

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