Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Artist, San Francisco Bay Area

Internet Based

Internet Based Projects

You Are Not Here, 2014

San Francisco/Kansas City Posted images

I used Twitter to direct my collaborative partner Laura Isaac on an exploration of St. Louis, while she likewise mapped out day trips for me around Oakland. We used psychogeography, an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and “drifting” around urban environments.

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IRL, 2014

So much more

I assembled these abstract sculptural portraits by considering how social media bridges the miles between myself and the people I portrayed. I used text sourced from the artists’ online lives to forge an experience of electronic proximity.

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I Will Find, 2013


I searched daily through the most contentious online communities and discussions, looking for empathic interactions in each of them. I made one artwork in response and documented the experiences throughout the month, concluding with 28 new artworks.

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Wish You Were, 2011


I merged virtual connections with tangible ones by sending mail art from the Bay Area to New York. I took day trips to the headquarters of internet companies, posting photos online as I reached each location, then I mailed the corresponding pieces from the closest post office to each headquarters.

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An Anthropological Experience on Social Media, 2010


I used my personal social media experience at the time, creating a sculptural collage, a written script, and a performance. Each analyzed the experience of an artist who took control of her narrative after being ignored.

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