Artist & Writer, San Francisco Bay Area




Performance dates TBD: “Upon waking, it has no name” at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Berkeley, CA

Exhibition dates TBD: Exhibition at ArtemisSF, San Francisco, CA


“Race in America” at Drury University Pool Art Center, Springfield, MO. Juror: Charvis Harrell. November 2020.

“Crisis Mode” at The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA. Juror: Lucia Olubunmi Momoh, assistant curator of the UC Berkeley Art Museum. November 2020.

“We the People” at ArtistAlliance.Space, affiliated with Jen Tough Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. Juror: Tamera Avery. October to November 2020.

“Welcome/Unwelcome” in April at ArtemisSF, San Francisco, CA (Online event, recorded & posted at gallery website) 


“Progress: To Move Forward in Space or Time” at The Studio Mind, Martinez, CA


“And Still There is Art” at The Studio Mind, Martinez, CA

“Sensorium” at The Compound Artists Gallery, Oakland, CA


“Time Capsule” at The Compound Artists Gallery, Oakland, CA

“Survival Instinct” at The Compound Artists Gallery, Oakland, CA

“Radical Medicine: Walking Meditation” at Krowswork, Oakland, CA


“IRL: Internet Real Life” at Paragraph Gallery, Kansas City, MO

“Persona2” at The Compound Artists Gallery, curated by Toni Gentilli, Oakland, CA

“Compoundaganza” at The Compound Gallery, Oakland, CA

“Spectrum” at ‘A’ Gallery, Provincetown, MA

“You are not here.” with Laura Isaac, at Luminary Arts Center Residency, St. Louis, MO


“Internet Real Life” at Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY

“Rises Zora: You are not here.” at Charlotte Street Foundation, curated by Jamilee Polson Lacy, Kansas City, MO,

“I Will Find” at Kianga Ellis Projects, Beacon, NY


“The Cloud Hotel” at ‘A’ Gallery, Provincetown, MA

“Stars” at ‘A’ Gallery, Provincetown, MA

“Good Vibrations” at Gallery Ehva, curated by Laura Moriarty, Provincetown, MA

“Hotel Fair” at the 6th Int’l Encaustic Conference, Provincetown, MA


“I am the Judge, I am the Jury: Rebellion & Empowerment in Contemporary Art” at Kianga Ellis Projects, New York, NY

“Tweet/Cry/Connect/Drink/Soar” at UC Berkeley Ex, San Francisco, CA

“While You Wait…” at Extra Gallery, curated by Brian Dupont, New York, NY

“Kianga Ellis Projects” at Kianga Ellis Projects, Santa Fe, NM

“The Abstract” at Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“No Dialogue” at ArtPadSF, curated by Dorka Keehn & Jasmine Moorhead, San Francisco, CA

“An Exchange with Sol Lewitt” at Cabinet, Brooklyn, NY


“#Rank” (organized by Jen Dalton & William Powhida) at Winkleman Gallery / SEVEN Art Fair, Miami, FL

“Better than a Lump of Coal” at The Compound Gallery, Oakland, CA


“Portraits” at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, juried by Lucinda Barnes ([now former] Senior Curator, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archives), Sebastopol, CA


“Local Voice” at Bedford Gallery, juried by Phil Linhares ([now former] Chief Curator, Oakland Museum of Art), Walnut Creek, CA