Artist & Writer, San Francisco Bay Area

Elementor #10725

Art by Media Type

Click here to read about the projects that grew out of my experiences with people online. They range in type from a final form of mixed media on panel, to mail art, a scripted performance, paintings, sculptures, and little videos…. and some large parts of them only ever existed online. 🙂

Video & Animation

Inquieta Video Screenshot

These video shorts cover the following subjects: grief; race, heritage, & ethnicity; life lost, life remaining, & sacrifice; hardened attitudes on immigration and… well you can just click through and see for yourself. 🙂 

Paintings & Mixed Media

Most of my projects have at least some sort of tangible by-product: paintings on panel, little sculptures, works on paper. I’m in the process of organizing these in a way that they can be displayed and purchased here on my website. .