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Painting Commission, 16″ x 20″ (Deposit)


Deposit for Commissioned Painting on Panel, 11″ x 14″
(local only)

Please read through all FAQ below.

Three-step payment plan for approximate $500 cost for 11″ x 14″ painting on panel.
$100 deposit,
$200 (or 50%) of balance at consult mtg, and
$200 (or reminder of cost) on delivery of commissioned painting.

This is a $100 deposit towards one commissioned painting on cradled 11″ x 14″ birch panel, final cost approx. $500.

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Please read through all the details below.

Three-step payment plan, approximate $500 cost for an 16″ x 20″ painting on panel.
$100 deposit,
$200 (or 50%) of balance at consult mtg, and
$200 (or reminder of cost) on delivery of commissioned painting.

This is a $100 deposit towards one commissioned painting on cradled 16″ x 20″ birch panel, final cost approx. $500.


1.) Place deposit: use this page to submit $100 deposit towards $500 painting on 16″ x 20″ cradled birch panel..
2.) Set a meet up time: After receiving your order, we set a time for me to spend 30 minutes with you to determine your preferences, ideally at my studio in Downtown Martinez.
3.) Before our meet up: Determine which of my  paintings (see here) appeal to you the most, think about color schemes, and bring your thoughts to our meet up. 
4.) Meet up: We talk through your preferences, I show samples of completed paintings in available paint mediums, and you selection material preference. $100 for 2nd deposit.
5.) Painting commences: I work with the parameters we agreed upon, and we stay in contact as needed.
6.) Finish: I complete the painting and allow for drying time (depending on medium.)
7.) Receive: I deliver your painting to you! $100 upon delivery to complete payment.


• What painting mediums do you use?
I’m able to use acrylic, encaustic (wax-based), or oil.

• Will I need to frame this painting at additional cost?
I keep the edges of the cradled wood panel quite neat, so you’re free to hang with or without a frame.

• How do you determine your prices?
I have a formula in which I consider size, process, and material. At this point, my prices are low considering my experience. I’m more interested in getting my art into the hands of people who can enjoy it rather than aiming for a particular price tag. However, I anticipate that for commissioned pieces, my prices will increase with time. This is due more to my time availability for completing commissions than anything else.

• Can you do other sizes?
See my other listings to see what sizes I have available at this time.

• You say you work with local clients only, what does that mean?
Since my commissioned process includes a 30 min. meet up, I need to limit my travel to local areas.
Meeting at my studio in Downtown Martinez is ideal for this project.
If you need to meet further away, we can discuss possibilities 🙂

• Will you be able to do commissioned paintings for clients outside of the Bay Area in the future?
I’m not against it, I’m simply starting with my local area. Feel free to reach out with any questions, or check back with me later. 🙂

• Can you I give you a picture of an artist’s painting, and you make something similar to it?
I prefer to work with my own imagery and ideas, so although I’m happy to hear what kinds of art you love the most, look through my paintings to see what is interesting to you. I can modify and adjust from there. I don’t imitate contemporary or historical artwork.

• If you’re making a commissioned painting based off your own imagery and ideas, what am I commissioning?
There are so many variables in making a painting. Ones to consider: panel size, color palette, concept/inspiration. Do you have a room that has a particular need for art? Some of my favorite work starts as an idea before I decide on the visuals; do you have an idea that you want me to consider and turn into a piece of art? Do you want me to make an abstract portrait of someone, which is also something I’ve done in the past? When you commission me to do a work of art for you, we collaborate on the parameters of the piece, and then you entrust me to make something meaningful for you.

• Can I see a sample of a finished piece in person?
There’s plenty to look at in my studio when we have our 30 min. meet up 🙂

• How long does it take to finish a painting?
Approximately 4 – 8 weeks.

• Can I get additional prints of the painting after you finish it?
This is a possibility; it depends on the artwork. We can discuss this at the meet up.

Have other questions? Let me hear them, I’d be happy to answer anything! Send me a message on my contact page. 🙂

Once we have met together, there is a 4 – 8 week turnaround time.