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Maritza Ruiz-Kim


Maritza Ruiz-Kim is a San Francisco Bay Area artist who has a BFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute. She uses her artwork to examine emotional landscapes and social structures. In 2011, she screened her video Inquieta as part of the No Dialogue show at ArtPadSF, which was projected over two stories tall on a neighboring building during the art fair’s programming. In 2013, Ruiz-Kim was the featured artist for R&F Handmade Paints, and later in the year, she launched ProWax Journal, a quarterly magazine for professional artists working in wax and encaustic. She served as Editor-in-Chief and worked with an all-volunteer staff to publish fifteen issues over three years. until Summer 2016, when she moved her studio from Oakland closer to home in Contra Costa County. 

Maritza has exhibited her artwork in San Francisco, New York, Miami, Santa Fe, and Provincetown.

Artist Statement

High Contrast: Illuminate dark spaces
Gradients: Demonstrate nuances of experience
Strength: Make oneself heard
Subtlety: Ascertain perceptiveness
Abstract: Picture what’s intangible
Figurative, Structure & Landscape: Distort what’s tangible

I love to make random discoveries when I’m working hands-on in my studio, reading books, and listening to podcasts; I can’t stop making connections between disparate things. I have a deep interest in how people relate with and respond to each other, and it drives my interest in history, human interactions, empathy, race, subjugation, technology, and how the brain works. From there I think about the centuries of human experience that have led up to today, from broad societal structures to how we set up our personal, day to day worlds. My research fuels my artwork.

More About

“Maritza Ruiz-Kim.” by Mary Burger @ Articiple. Jul 12, 2017

Studio Address

Located in the Diablo Valley Region
of the San Francisco Bay Area

598 Patterson Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Entrance is on left front of the building.


Available by appointment, please contact to arrange.