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I’m trying something new for me. I know I haven’t posted in a while. The world has been pandemicky and strange, but I am indeed still making art of various kinds. More on that later— another post tomorrow perhaps?— but below is a short short story (is this what flash fiction is?) that I’m entering into the second edition of the Fall Writing Frenzy. It was created by author/agent Kaitlyn Sanchez and is co-hosted by kid lit author Lydia Lukidis. I picked one from a selection of ten images for inspiration and wrote a 200 word children’s story piece from that starting point. 

Alright, gotta get this posted & send my entry… 11:59EST is when the contest window closes… hmm I suppose I like to use every possible minute that I can? Hahaha…. 

<in case anyone doesn’t know… Buela is short for Abuela, which is Spanish for grandma> 🙂 

Perfect for Maggie

Maggie made herself take a rest. She walked back from the tree. It had been months. She still hadn’t designed the perfect treehouse. When would she be able to tell Buela she was ready to build?

She plopped on the stairs, flipped off her shoes and plunked her head in her hands. Her art bag sagged off her shoulder and slumped open. Pencils and sketch paper slipped down the steps and into the dirt.

Maggie wondered if she should even bother trying. She closed her eyes. 

Hushes of breeze turned into frenzied, rushing gusts. Leaves rained into swirls around her. She pictured her finished hideaway at the center of that wild airy bluster, sturdy and still. She hugged her knees. Would she ever build a treehouse with Buela?

She opened her eyes. Looking down, she wriggled her toes.
Left point, right point. Left flex, right flex.
Monkey see, monkey do.
Maggie brightened. That’s it!

She pulled off her socks,
took supplies from her bag,
and got to work.
She cut, sewed, stuffed and painted.

An hour later,
she gazed into the sweet eyes of a sock monkey.

She isn’t perfect, Maggie thought, but I made her. And I love her.

200 words. ©Maritza Ruiz-Kim 2020

p.s. the illustration in the featured image is something I drew to go to with the story, modified from #1 of the source images from the contest 🙂

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