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Open Studio Fri Oct 11th!


So this coming Friday Oct 11th 6-9pm, I’m opening my studio to the public for the first time in the new location. If you are nearby, please come! Even kids, if they like art fun. I have quite a bit to do in the next seven days, but I think I’m up to the challenge. 🙂 This opening will be a little different than the ones I’ve had before, where I hung my work on white walls, set out some cheese, crackers, etc, and chatted with friends.

I’m envisioning something a bit more… whatever. Plus live music & snacks!


  • I’m gonna show whatever I’ve made at any point, shown/displayed in whatever way makes sense for the art, as well as for the people who are coming, and of course, for me… . Maybe I’ll have explainers about some of it. Maybe I’ll show the most recent stuff, stuff from ten years ago AND stuff I made in high school. Because… why not?
  • I’ll have paintings for sale, works on paper, photographs, and I’ll have freebies too. I’ll maybe even set out random little things for sale in addition to the art, like kits, or gifty things I’ve made? Perhaps. I like all sorts of price points, incl. free!
  • I want this to be an event that engages people with art in general in addition to my work, like, why not have an art supply playground for kids ages 3-99? How about some demos, or maybe impromptu lessons?  We’ll see how the evening goes.
  • What if I set it up so that people can check books out from my studio, like an art book kind of lending library?
  • And I want to show the illustration and story work I’ve been doing, I’m crazy excited about the story I finished and the one that’s in progress.
  • I want people to have more of an “in” to access art as an experience. My everyday community isn’t made of people who regularly go to art galleries. I want this to, like, ignite a less-used part of the brain for people who don’t regularly think in an art context.
  • I have additional ideas, but basically, I’m gonna do whatever makes sense for sharing art with my immediate community. I think it’ll be a lot of fun!

Maybe I’ll see you soon!




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