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Unresolved Questions (+ more)

On Saturday I made a list of questions about the paintings I started last week, because what am I doing!? I ask myself things because I like charting the path forward in my work even when it’s not clear what’s happening. It’s like I’m on a walk that seems aimless at first, but I pause and look back. I think, why did I choose that way and not the other way? I figure there probably is a preference in each direction I choose, and knowing how I got to each particular place informs my next choices for when I walk again. That way, the walk itself is fulfilling the intentions I didn’t know I had. And wherever I get to, I will know where I wanted to be.

Inside the Studio Mind

I'm baaaack!

Hello Blog, How are you? We haven’t talked in a while. I’ve been a little busy, but I never forgot about you. I know you can’t tell, but I looked in on you from time to time. I saw you were Read more…

Before the Diagnosis

The Almost Everything List of what we did to help our boy out before getting the diagnosis. Our son has autism. He’s nine years old, high-functioning, super bright, clever, funny, compassionate and dynamic, but the ASD diagnosis is what connects the dots about Read more…

And so it is Autism.

        And so it is Autism. After years of appointments and therapies and treatments, here we are. He’s nine and a half years old. How did I not know sooner? I have plenty of familiarity with Autism Read more…