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March, April, May, June 2013

1. You are not here., May/June 2013 with Charlotte Street Foundation/RisesZora in Kansas City.
rz-YANH-poster-PSTLaura Isaac & I collaborated to present You are not here. in conjunction with RisesZora, a Charlotte Street Foundation show in Kansas City. Curated by Jamilee Polson Lacy, it brought together interdisciplinary artist projects to explore the urban labyrinth. Laura & I directed each other via Twitter to experience our home cites (you can find the Storify capture of the three Twitter conversations at this link.) Laura vicariously took me through a five hour walk of Kansas City, and I did the same for her in San Francisco.

Below is a link to a Vine video of my experience while sitting at a desktop computer as Laura walked through Kansas City:
• I directed Laura’s path from my place in the San Francisco Bay Area, using our back-n-forth tweets & Google’s street view map.
• Laura sent me a Vine video of a location as she stood there live.
• I took a Vine video of my desktop computer screen, showing the Google street view, the map, and her video. (One Vine it replays endlessly here; below is a video still.)
2. IRL: internet <-> real life, June 2013, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn.
The work I showed:

IRL: internet  real life, at Bushwick Open Studios, Maritza Ruiz-Kim
IRL: internet real life, at Bushwick Open Studios, Maritza Ruiz-Kim

(All made 2013 with aluminum, encaustic on silk tissue, nails, except the first as noted.)
Beginning lower left, and going up & clock-wise:
1. Pleasant Hill, CA, aluminum, latex, thread, nails (2009)
2. Searching, 2892 miles away
3. Any illusions, 2893 miles away
4. Some pressure, 1795 miles away
5. Fully encatted, 2891 miles away
6. So much more, 2919 miles away
In this project, I sought out the connection between myself and each artist showing work at a particular time & place at 56 Bogart Street, 4th Flr, Brooklyn, NY on June 1st & 2nd 2013. I was not there, but my work was. It stood in place for me. Of the other five artists, I had met only two in real life (one just very briefly)! Each connection began online. “Pleasant Hill, CA” is titled after my suburb town in the San Francisco Bay Area. I made the piece in 2009 just before I began to make connections with artists throughout the US via social media. Each of the five remaining pieces is made & titled as physical manifestations of the understanding I have of the artists whose work was present in the show. The text embedded in each piece was sourced from their personal Facebook pages in posts that they made in the last year, and the titles note the distance in miles from my home to theirs.

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