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"I Will Find"

One month later, here I am. The artworks for the I Will Find project are complete; some follow-up posts are still coming at the project blog. Once I posted that last blog post here on Jan 25th, I worked steadily through now. So– it’s March 1st, and it’s done. Here are the 28 artworks I made in the 28 days of February 2013 with Kianga Ellis Projects. I searched for kindness and every day chose one set of words as a source text; each day I made an artwork in response to the day’s online interaction. Here is the work as a whole.
I Will Find
1 video, 2 photographs, 3 sculptures, 7 works on paper, 15 painted panels
sizes variable, from 4″ x 4″ to 16″ x 16″
February 1-28, 2013
The entire project is at; the project statement is here.

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