Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Artist, San Francisco Bay Area

A few pictures

Literally, I only took a few pictures during my entire weekend at the Sixth International Encaustic Conference. In keeping with tradition, I returned home, looked at what I had, and wished I’d taken way more pictures. Luckily, if you scroll Read more…

Markers, tasks, buoys, & signposts

Is it possible to always move forward as I go from one place to the next in this creative work? I doubt it. I plot out markers for myself to move along, and getting to each point is sometimes a Read more…

The Medium is Not the Message

Late last summer, when things were briefly less complicated, I made plans to attend the Sixth International Encaustic Conference. After a spring & summer spent painting, I wanted to learn more about how this medium fits into the gallery & Read more…


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