Artist & Writer, San Francisco Bay Area

Within, the Project: Absence is so hard to recognize

1. Summertime has been quiet. The studio is quiet, the tools are quiet, the mind is quiet while the activity buzzes around me, the two little boys and summer and running and true break of dawn till sundown activity, and it’s quiet, I’m quiet. It’s quiet. I’m listening for something that I can’t hear right now. Still listening.
2. Suffocated by air.

3. So, hours pass. Days. Weeks.

4. Stealing time. Taking a break. Breaking away. Breaking in. Braking. Breaking. Broken.
5. Social media art. Posts. Critiques. Comments. Retorts. (There is no shame in being a spectator. Is what I tell myself.)

6. Sorting circles. Making my own circles. Going in circles. (The launch of Google+ and the unseen social sorting that I’m pretending doesn’t matter.)
7. Slow motion.

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