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Exhibition: Inquieta video at ArtPadSF

News from the studio of Maritza Ruiz-Kim | May 2011
Hello Friends,
Here’s an update on my current work. My recent video “inquieta/in quiet a” has been included in the No Dialogue video screening to be held at the ArtPadSF art fair in San Francisco this coming weekend. The link for viewing the video online is below.
Thank you for your support of my work.
Maritza Ruiz-Kim
at: the Phoenix Hotel
601 Eddy St.
San Francisco, CA 94109
Friday, May 20: 12pm – 10pm*
Saturday, May 21: 12pm – 10pm*
Sunday, May 22: 11am – 6pm
$10 per day
*Video screening “No Dialogue” is from dusk-10pm Friday & Saturday

View the video here at my portfolio website, scroll to the bottom.
video still from “inquieta/in quiet a”

Title: inquieta/in quiet a
• The word “inquieta” is the feminine form of “restless” in Spanish. The correct pronunciation is “een-kee-eh-tah” but I keep making the mistake of saying “in-kwhy-eh-ta”. There is no “I” or “eye” sound in the Spanish word… and the “wh” sound I keep making isn’t there either. -mrk
• “inquieta/in quiet a” is the video of a performance about the co-existence & repulsion of familiar opposites that live separated by a border inside the mind.
• hands: 93.75% Mexican & descended from migrant workers, immigrants, emigrants, plumbers, entrepreneurs, storytellers, makers, designers, and builders from north & south of a US/Mexico border that did a lot of changing through the years
• materials list: video, wood, paper bag, cactus soil, cloth, table, bowl, pitcher, water, razor blade, dish soap, bleach, retail bag, nail polish, manicure stick, bar of soap, lotion, nail brush, nail file, paint, duct tape

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