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Within, the Project: Some New Things

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a. There isn’t, #within
b. Lo que no me (progress isn’t just a), #within
c. A time when, #within
d. Aquí o acá (looking over), #within
on panel… encaustic (wax/resin), string, nails, silk tissue, & a bit of: wood, oil, acrylic, aluminum
Here are some recent paintings from the #within project I began in January. The process is one I’m growing into, as far as the burying of information, the documenting of it, and making work in which I am conscious of each step… sometimes I get happily lost in the making & I forget about the documenting & I sometimes forget about the information itself. But I always come back to it. What’s #within has been surprising. I thought I knew what it was going to be about, but I am discovering additional stories that want to be a part of this.

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