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Within, the Project: Painting

Last week (my previous post) was the first trial run for exploring the process of physically creating this #within project.

So I did it. I chose a piece of information and I buried it into a little painting that I sent out to someone. But instead of working from the #within list on my laptop, I had to work with a piece of information that was more in the moment. Still, I couldn’t even write out what I was thinking to look at with my own eyes alone in my studio… I didn’t want to see the words. The best I could do was allude to the fact that there was something I wasn’t talking about. I wrote it out, flipped it over, painted over it, and collaged it into the painting.

I withdrew, held back, fell short, let it happen–and it was just as it should have been. I don’t know where this is going, and I want the process to tell me as much about what to do as I am telling it to do.

It’s a natural ebb & flow for me anyway, I tend to move forward, then retreat, over & over again.

Today I painted some more. This time, I used pieces of information from the #within document I keep on my laptop. Any visable text is pixellated/blurred below. This painting isn’t finished. It may look nothing like this when it’s done. But here it is as it was at 3pm on Tuesday.

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