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Within, The Project: Launch

Yeah, I think today’s the day. The day that #within needs to get out of my head and into the public.

I was asked this morning what this is all about. Each of these posts leads up to what it’s all about, or it’s a part of what it’s all about, these paintings I propose to make with my own hidden information inside of them.

There are several experiences, articles, blog posts, tumblr posts, and of course the dialogue around #rank (an event I participated in this past December in Miami) that have factored into what’s been on my mind leading up to this #within project. I’m keeping a list of these, and I plan to post a response to each one individually, as it relates with what I’m doing here. I hope to do this in chronological order, based on what is leading to this experience. I wonder if my desire to trace that comes from my imminent participation in @Platea’s #treeblog project, where several sources of inspiration are posted on their blog , which people are referencing for making work of their own. That project is about mapping the outward growth of the things created, with the original source material serving as a kind of trunk or root.

So in just a minute, I am taking a leap. I’m closing my eyes & I’m about to *jump.*

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