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Links to Others’ Writings re. Rank, Miami Art Show 2010

Here are as many links as I’m aware of that relate to #Rank from the Seven Art Fair in Miami–as articles, blog posts, or sources for work that showed there. Also included is the link to forums that are available for further discussion. I haven’t included the information feed called #rank from Twitter, but once that’s documented somewhere, I’ll add a link for it. (Links to my own related posts/work are here also.) If I’ve left out anything, or noted anything incorrectly, just let me know. It’s also worth saying again that these discussions & happenings have been open to the participation of any people who care to join the discussion, so- have at it.
Here ya go… -Maritza
Forums for #Rank discussions, created by J.D. Hastings & admin’d also by @reverendbunnie
Before #rank:
Pre-#Rank write ups Here and Here by Jennifer Dalton & William Powhida at
Where’d I leave those TUMs? by Ed Winkleman at his blog
The Appeal of Seven by Ed Winkleman at Art World Salon
5 Intriguing Projects from Dalton & Powhida’s #Rank in Miami by Kyle Chayka at
A Map and Itinerary for the Miami Art Fairs by Paddy Johnson at
“Art World” and #Rank by J.D. Hastings at his tumblr: Jade Stallion
“William Powhida” (re. #rank) at
Accessing some of the pieces post #rank:
(Please let me know of anything I should add)
Nic Rad’s Taking My Talents to South Beach- Goodnight, Cleveland, We Love You  (script)
Greg Allen’s The Gala as Art (video)
Alan Lupiani’s Art Road Show (video)
@Platea’s “Sorry I couldn’t be there” (video)
Stephen Truax’s “Project Present” (photos & description)
Laura Isaac’s “Where do YOU #Rank?” installation of people description and images of t-shirts made
Maritza Ruiz Kim’s “The Interview: In Which I Ask Myself All The Questions You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Care to Ask, Along Also With the Answers You Didn’t Care About” (script)
Articles & Blog Posts during & after #rank:
Miami’s Seven Art Fair Goes Indie by Hrag Vartanian at
Kill Famous Artists at Rank by Hrag Vartanian at
What Others are Saying about #Rank by Hrag Vartanian at
So Glad You Came by Debbie Ainscoe at her blog Down By the Waterfront
#Rank was by Jennifer Dalton at
#Rank posts by William Powhida at his website:
Feeling #rank (Part 1)
Feeling #rank (Part 2, The Ideas)
Feeling #rank (a clarification)
Feeling #rank (Part 3)
Ed Winkleman’s posts at his blog (couldn’t figure out how to select indiv. posts so these are those with “rank” in seach query)
“Art Basel, NADA, PULSE, and SEVEN- Miami” by Paddy Johnson at
Today We Are All VIP by John Pyper, with some words about Nic Rad’s piece
Bushwick Goes to Miami by Stephen Truax at
Why Ed Winkleman Did #Rank at the Seven Miami Art Fair by Stephen Truax at Hyperallergic
#Rank posts (“Reflections…” and “Building Backbones”… etc) by Diedra Krieger at her blog Mrs. Dalloway
#Rank post (“My review of Art Basel Miami Art Scene”) by Damali Abrams re. Building Backbones
#Rank post (“Flections on #Rank”) by J.D. Hastings at the forums
#Rank posts (“The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”… etc) by Joanie Gagnon San Chirico at her blog Art for Public Spaces
#Rank posts (“I Fought the Art, and the Art Won”… etc) by Laura Issac at her website
#Rank posts (“Having A Point in a Pointed Way”… etc) by Maritza Ruiz Kim at her website

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