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End of One Story, Beginning Another

Last year, GK and I hoped and worked towards adopting a daughter into our family. I wanted it so badly. I last posted in May 2009. Sometime after that, our foster adopt agency halted our application for reasons that didn’t have anything to do with us. It was startling, and despite them correcting what they’d done, we were so disheartened. We went to a new agency, but it was a big set back. New process. New people.

The weariness exposed a gap in our own gap in our readiness to foster-adopt. And our littlest boy Zee, seemed to be needing us more and more. And our bandwidth was getting smaller and smaller.

So we shut the door on adding a daughter to our family.

I was so heartbroken.

And I immediately went to my art studio and started to work.

And here, forward, I focused my posts on my art thinking and art practice.

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