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Waiting on the Girl, and Other Things

So yes it’s been a long month since I’ve posted. My mom has been weary from fibromyalgia, polymyalgia-rheumatica, back pain. On top of that- pneumonia! It’s hard to see her so weary. But she’s getting better. The daughter of one of my best friends has had quite a battle the last couple days as she’s fought an infection after her last round of chemo for her leukemia. Just seeing my mom so sick made me think we gotta postpone this adoption thing. But we’re moving forward with it, weary or not, we have a home to share. We adopted a little kitty from the shelter over the weekend. She’s super kind and recovering from being a stray. Enn adores her, and Sofy is his kitty. My boys are wearing me out these days. How many times can a mother say “put that (thing) down” (fill in: sword, bat, bucket of water being pulled thru the house, all the bedding from the boys’ beds being made into a 4 foot pile). Anyway I’m pretty tired these days, but happy that N.N. is pulling thru on her chemo, happy we’re still adopting, proud of my student’s work (tho I haven’t posted it lately, busy as you see) and looking forward to summer… now if I can just remember to register for a few camps for the boys here and there for the coming long hot days….

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