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Choosing Girl Colors

So I am working on the bedroom for the little girl we want to foster adopt. Hard work? Sorta. I have to sort & organize the entire house because getting her room ready means it has to stop being what it currently is: a storage house for everything that I have not put away the past few months. 🙂 But I am working at it, and in a way, it’s not work, because I love this. I love picking out colors, thinking about what it will look like in the end.

I love t Choosing Colors by Kevin McCloud. It’s an awesome book that I’ve referred to again & again, for many reasons, not just interior design (like, for my artwork). It gives historical references for color groupings, and environmental ones too (“lost colors of the Kalahari- one of my faves), along with specific moods, etc (simple, complex, vibrant) all of which appeal to me. It also has a reference at the back of the book for paint chips I can go pick up at my local paint store, so that I can see for sure what colors we’re talking about here.

For our girls’ room, I’ve wanted something modern, something feminine but not overly, and something fun. There has to be sweetness with a little kick to it. I love vibrant colors, but I don’t want them to take over. I have a huge affinity for that light blue robin’s egg color, and I was sure that’s what I’d paint her room, but that color is all over my house in various forms, including a variation of it on my living room walls which is called Silver Sage, it reads like a grey version of a robin’s egg blue. Anyway, I still am always drawn to the color, but I am afraid I will get sick of it. Conversely, I love orange, and it’s nowhere in my house, so I totally want it in this new bedroom..

I found the “colors from 1940’s New York” in the Choosing Colors book and I am all set. Lucky for me, the sample colors include one called Robin’s Nest, although that’s not reflected in this pic. Here’s their sample from collection #20:

inspiration for the room
inspiration for the room

I am crawling through Apartment Tharapy’s Ohdeeoh home tours which are full of folks putting together modern & fun nurseries for their little people.  Another place for inspiration has been Flickr’s Modern Baby Nursery Design group, which I love, too.

We’ll be using the crib both boys have used, although we had to bolt it because Zee shook the side so hard. It can no longer accommodate the higher up setting for the crib mattress that an infant would need, just the lowest setting used for a toddler. If we do adopt an infant, we’ll get the Gulliver crib from Ikea, a good value and I like the clean lines.

So, I think we’re gonna paint the walls Benjamin Moore “Mocha Cream” which should leave plenty of room for my light-aqua-robin’s-egg-blue accessories, etc. We have a white wooden rocker that I want to paint this: Benjamin Moore’s “Rocky Coast” and that should leave plenty of room for bright fun stuff everywhere else. I plan to get a dresser from Ikea, probably the Malm in white, and then there is the technical stuff we have to do, like removing the disgusting carpet that’s in there or throwing a huge rug over it, re-ducting so that our heater actually warms that poor room in the winter (it gets into the 50’s at night and it can’t get warm in mid-Janurary!) and then of course continuing mounds of paperwork, the necessary foster-adopt compliance things for the home (all meds, cleaners & more under lock & key) and things like that. Home inspection needs to happen, and we need to put together the Family Book that will show this room.

Hard Work?

Well, it’s fun hard work.

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