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These Days

I haven’t posted my art lessons as much these days- with the adoption process & the time spent now taking Enn to several classes a week (how’d that happen?) it’s enough work just trying to keep up with the day to day! I wish I could say I did that well! 🙂

We also now have our crazy two weeks behind us- GK’s birthday, mine, and our anniversary too, all much enjoyed. We threw in a 60+ person buffet dinner party hosted by us for many of our friends (regretably we still forgot to make certain invites, but that’s how it goes when you only spend 6 days organizing a party that size, from idea start thru party day itself.) We (as in me, GK, my mom & his mom) cooked the feast which was made of all our favorite Mexican & Korean dishes. Enchiladas, chiles rellenos, carnitas, Mex rice, da-gui, pan chan (various), kim chi, white rice…. the list goes on. From there, 3 home study interviews and a trip to Disneyland which included a 3 hour drive to visit family? That wrapped up our two weeks. And I’m still alive and happy. Miracles still happen.

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