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A Girl Imagined

Today we had our first home study interview. Exhausting! GK says it wasn’t tiring for him, but for me? Definitely. We sat for a two hour interview about the details of who we are, how we do things, how we are raising our kids, and why we are adopting. I knew it wasn’t about getting the right answer, but I was still trying so hard. Next up, GK and I have individual interviews (this week!), and loads of paperwork, too. This whole portion of the process takes a few months, and there’s also the home inspection and the compilation of our Family Book.

I saw this dress out in Sonoma. I can see our girl wearing something like this, running barefoot outside with her hair a little knotted from a whole day’s worth of play. The boys are eager to have a Baby Sister. They talk about her nearly every day.


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