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Zee Favorite Things

my sweetie
my sweetie
  • The other morning when I went into his room to get him out of bed, he opened up the top of his footie pajamas. I asked him if he had an owie. He said, No, Yook, Mama, Yook! (Yook=Look.) He’d stuffed toys into his PJ’s. A lot. I started laughing. He said “What, Mama, What?” seemingly to not know just how funny he is.
  • Whenever he hears a sound, no matter how slight, he yells out: “WHATAT!?!?!” meaning of course What Is That. It is hilarious and adorable.
  • He shakes his bootie like a hula dancer.
  •  When I tell him NOT to do something, after putting up a fight, he stops mid-step, slopes his shoulders, tucks his chin to his chest, and sadly walks away, loudly saying “Ohhhhhhh Kaaaaaaaayyyyyy.”
  • He’s been talking about his birthday for since February. It’s at the end of April, and he talks about it almost every day.
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