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Ming Dynasty Ceramics


Ellie's Vase
Ellie's Vase
  • This was from last week’s lesson…
  • I had them work on the background separately from the vase. They drew a horizontal line in pencil, and used washable markers, then painted water over them for the wash effect you see. I discussed that the tope area is the wall, and the bottom area is the table.
  • We talked about the Ming Dynasty blue ceramics from The Art of Chinese Ceramics by C.C. Chin. I wanted them to get a sense that blue ceramic designs on pottery have this rich history, to make them look twice at what’s around them.
  • We discussed pattern, repetition, design…
  • I had them cut a vase from a piece of paper that was folded top to bottom, by drawing a curved line then cutting it. When opened, it would be a vase. Let me just state, that is not as easy as it sounds. 5 year olds have a tough time with it, and this here teacher couldn’t explain it very well. But we got through it. 🙂 They colored in that vase after cutting it out, for later glueing to the page.
  • Lastly, which may be huge for this age, I demonstrated that when we place the vase on the “table,” it doesn’t sit right on the line. It sits below the line. I showed them (as they individually stood with me before a table) that when we place the vase on the table, if it’s “on” the line, that means it’s at the back edge of the table about the fall off. So we place it in the “middle” of the table on the page, showing the depth of the table. This is huge for a 5 year old.
  • Can you believe they also painted sculptures from the class of the previous week? This was one crazy day in art class.
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