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Art lessons pending…

So just wanted to say that the posting of my art lessons hinges on the fixing of my Internet. Anyone? Anyone? 🙂 Our techy friend thinks our router is kaput. GK would’ve made a visit to Best Buy tonight if not for the surprise dead laptop I got today. So happy that our local Apple Store diagnosed a simple dead battery. And that it’s covered under our warranty. Thank God for warranties.

Last week we looked at Constantin Brancusi’s sculptures and related Ancient Aegean (Greek) statues. They sculpted from Crayola’s air dry clay (the real thing) that I didn’t know existed before shopping for this class. That stuff is genuinely awesome. I’m spraying their statues with a sealant & they’re gonna paint them tomorrow. That, and were gonna do a quick thing with Ming Dynasty Chinese Pottery and color pencils. Fun fun fun.

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