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Three Joys

My internet has been down for a week+. Today I discovered I can blog from my phone. Technology is amazing and yet I’ve been happy to discover the rhythym of my days without that uninterrupted connection to the world. I’ve still been able to randomly google from my phone, but not so easily as to remain once necessary information has been gathered. So I am grateful for my smart phone, but not disabled by the constant distractions offerred by the phone internet the way I am by the laptop access.

Anyway, here I am blogging briefly while loads of children play near me in front of my house. Such a beautiful day with the blue skies and birds truly chirping. I taught the art program at Enn’s school this morning and it’s just reaffirmed that I am doing more of what I love these days. And I see GK appreciating the joy I’ve been having, and that’s gratifying, too.

I’ve been painting more. I started an oil painting of Baby Enn (age 4 months.) I’ll post a pic if I figure that out. I am prepping 10 canvases for the first art project I’ve done in so long that is not connected to a deadline or some art show I want to enter. Just doing it because I want to. My art studio is really looking like what it is: both a place for teaching art to children & a place for me to create. I am happy about that.

And it’s time for me to embrace the paperwork/jumping-thru-hoops process that is foster adoption. This must be the equivalent of the morning sickness stage in pregnancy, or maybe the peeing in cups everytime you go to the OB: the necessary but annoying increment of a journey with anticipation of a happy end. I’m getting the feeling I gotta pick up the pace and get on this adoption stuff, so that I’m not dragging my feet when my daughter’s waiting. I want to do my part. I want to be ready for her.

Life has a nice little pace to it these days. I can say that even though it’s so much more harried with constant planning for the next art class, and even though it takes me probably 3 times what’s normal to do so (for whatever brain process reason), I am quite happy to be joining great loves in my life: art, children, and the sharing of knowledge.

Alright I’m off to do pigtails for one sweet little girl named Stella.

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