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Newspaper Fort

So somewhere recently, I saw a post about building a fort out of newspaper, and I can’t for the life of me remember where I first got the idea. But I googled “newspaper fort craft kids” and I found what resembled the original directions.

These are the ones I used.

It took about a week+ to save up our home delivered newspapers to make this project a Go. Yes, we are trying to keep the newspaper industry afloat, but we can’t do it alone. Start building more newspaper forts Now. (“Right Now!” as Zee has insisted to me lately whenever he wants me to Obey him.)

Some thoughts on the directions:

1. I have no idea what kind of stapler these people have, but my regular old staple with regular sized staples could not make it to the step where I was stapling more than two logs together. Make sure, as you go, that the logs are all the same size. Also, trimming the ends makes them more attractive. 🙂

2. Scotch tape is a wonderful substitute for the Stapler on Steroids that they must have had, as long as you use it generously around & around the joints.

3. Make sure that you make the last log– the one above the doorway– the size that you want the doorway to be. Mine was a little long.

4. Your children may want to observe as you make the logs, and keep asking you “Mommy, WHAT are you DOING?!?”

5. They will be pretty proud of you when you are done. (And you can say to yourself, I could have totally been an architect.)

6. Keep an out-loud mantra going as they watch you construct the fort: Do Not Wrestle in the fort, Do Not Jump on the fort, Do Not Sit on the fort, Do Not Kick the fort, you get the idea. Especially if you have children like mine.

7. Use a light sheet like they said. I especially liked the translucent half-curtain that I used, and I think I will take the other one off a window because it will be worth it to finish up the look.

8. Do use 4-5 sheets- 5 sheets of newspaper is best per log. Have chopsticks on hand after a few collisions with the fort happen. They can be taped onto the parts that have gotten “foldy” and that aren’t holding up as well. However expect that the fort will not last forever, and that the logs that were previously fort lumber will become swords. You will have a stash of PLENTY of swords.

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