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Zee Day Trip

That’s not what might first come to mind when someone hears of a day like mine today, but it’s absolutely what happened for me. So much laughing at inside mommy & baby jokes, can’t even capture it! While Enn is such a homebody, Zee is always ready for an adventure. I kid you not, Enn screamed on the very first walk we took when he was a week or so old, and we could never go on a simple walk. Something was always amiss to him. He is so particular, and he’s not afraid to make demands. And Zee, he’s up for some fun no matter who’s involved or where it happens, and preferably not at home. I’m so glad that I am evenly split down the middle, because I love to stay home in some ways, and others- aching to go. I always felt guilty for not doing more with Enn. I enrolled him in this class while I was pregnant with Zee, and it was one in which a whole experience was put together by this instructor. Enn was exactly Zee’s current age. The first outing was to the Caldecott Tunnel, and it was the inside look at how it all works. He was intensely curious about it, but when we got to a part where we had a chance to look down the crawl space that the engineers use, he had to go down it. Not just a little like everyone else. The whole way. I had to drag him kicking & screaming back to the car. He didn’t let it go for maybe an hour or so.

I quit the class. The next day I had contractions and got put on bedrest.

I think it’s safe to say that my parenting style is particular to each child.

Enn & Daddy are gone until Monday night. Zee & I are totally going back to the city on Monday! Time for an art museum visit!

My Adventurous Day with Zee

1. 5:50- woke to see GK get ready before last 1/2 hour at home

2. 6:20- woke & dressed Enn for his long weekend away with Daddy

3. 6:30- saw both of them out the door as they headed for Las Vegas (to visit Uncle Charlie.)

4. had a quiet half hour to moi

5. heard Zee wake up

6. watched a show with him– Little Einsteins– and learned again about piano, pianissimo, and the next one softer (all three words for levels of softness in volume), and adaggio, and crescendo etc etc. Played Hide & Seek. Ate breakfast that we made together. Can’t remember what else

7. headed out nice & early for the San Francisco Zoo. It was his choice! What did he want to do today? See animals of course! (Forgot most of the snacks at home.) Lunched at the zoo. $$$.

8. bought him a Baby Jaguar which is his current favorite loved animal.

9. enjoyed so much of the zoo that I haven’t seen before. Awesome petting area!

10. Afterwards, just driving up Great Highway with the Pacific Ocean on my left and the tree filled cliff ahead of me…. makes me take a deep breath in….. and exhale…. and I just feel right with everything again. OK praying helps!

11. Saw that there was plenty of parking, and make a sudden left turn to stop at the beach! Beautiful day!

12. Zee & I walked out into the low tide…. and then a wave came in! We had a great laugh and I got soaked to my knees. 🙂

13. Zeehad been spared a soaking because I’d rescued him, but then he fell into the water when the strength of the tide going out knocked him down. That was the clean outfit I’d just changed him into. Why? Because I wanted the blue shirt in the beach pics.

14. A little girl at the beach told us the Chinese New Year Parade was today. I’d been planning on going downtown to a fave store but had changed my mind.

15. Reconsidered, and decided- why not?!?

16. Realized that since I’d only brought my rain boots to wear, and since I’d gotten wet up to my knees well over the top of the boots, that I’d be walking in soggy shoes for however much longer we’d be in SF.

17. Drove down Geary into downtown on Bush Street. Passed old apartment buildings with so many memories. Like the basement apartment shared with my best friend that had a window at ground level, and the guy who was chased into that alley by cops and arrested face down at nighttime right outside.

18. Plenty of Parking Garage space since we arrived at 3:30pm and parade started at 5:30.

19. Zee slept in the car for a full hour (incl drive into downtown.)

20. Plodded in my soggy boots & sandy jeans straight into my fave store, so I could feel wonderfully out of place. Zee was in his dirty Zoo jeans and spent a lot of the time at the store under tables.

21. Got Zee a jacket– hasn’t had a warm one!– and socks, and me a blouse & scarf. I assure you, there was a lot more that I wanted. Restraint.

22. Had to find a potty a block away for Zee and his sudden onset of “Pee Pee!!!”

23. Watched an amazing Chinese New Year Parade with a nearly front row seat! All those years living in SF, and I’d never been. We whooped it up! Zee is a ham and entertained some girls around us. I was amazed at his charisma and was just delighted by him.

24. Took him on a walk towards our parking garage, and then looked for a diner. We ate at one that had a Chevy right there next to us, a full on car. Played match with the jelly packets. Ate together.

25. Made our way home after buying diapers because I knew he’d fall asleep on the way home & he still needs pull ups at nite altho by day he is potty trained. They were out of pull ups. He did sleep soundly by the time we were half-way home, and the entire day was just perfct!

Another list of 25! I just wanted to record my day.

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