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Sort of Disclaimer

It’s not that I am stepping back away from the poems I’ve written, or that I am somehow wanting to distance myself, no it’s not that. But I feel compelled to write that I am both self-conscious of my work in poetry as well as proud of it. I read back at the few I have posted here, and I like them mostly. Some are a little schoolgirl and wistful, and I guess that’s me, too. I just want to acknowledge that I know. I know that even when I read some parts of a few I think, oh there’s too much there. Too much of what exactly? It’s like the poetry equivalent of doodling curli-ques in the margins of my notebook. Anyway, I have dreams of doing poetry that is real and relevant.

2 Replies to “Sort of Disclaimer”

  • Hi there, I love the poems of yours that I have read. I understand disclaimers though in the face of insecurity. Hey I have a big fat Sylvia Plath book if you want to borrow it.

  • heh heh I know, and I always say not to do that, but here I am doing it, oh well! Yeah I’d like to borrow that book. I have a commentary on her work, but it doesn’t show all the poems…

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