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Counting Life Things

One day spent all day at home on the couch because of

Two sick little boys with fever lounging next to me.

Three hours until I have dinner with Imo (GK’s auntie from Korea.) My Korean mother-in-law is making duk mandu gook.

Four classes I am thinking about teaching in February. I’m gonna teach art to kids in my studio. I’m pretty sure. I think. (Gotta clean up that studio first!)

Five times I’ve checked temperatures today.

Six candles on Umma’s cake even tho it’s more like she’s 6_. ☺

Seven times I’ve watched Dora the Explorer or Diego today. God help me!

Eight things I’d rather be watching than watching the live episode of Dora the Explorer. (I thought we’d escaped the taped Doras by going to live television. But no! It’s now on TV for it’s regularly scheduled time!)

Nine eggs to crack & mix into two recipes for tonight.

Ten little toes digging into me right now.

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