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Writing Little Things

So, I have still been doing a lot of writing, so it’s hard to invest here in the bigger topics that come to mind, because I want to use them in my other writing. I’m writing poems, even though I don’t really know how.
Saying I’m writing poetry makes me feel like I’m some dreamy eyed person wiling away my time expounding on sunsets, love, and flowers, when really I believe that poetry can be relevant, engaging, & accessible to the person that happens upon it, like, one shouldn’t need a masters in English to appreciate a good poem. I wish interesting poetry could be weaved into real life instead of hidden in dusty journals that are only partially read.
Maybe soon I will write about how I am arriving here to this place where I am writing instead of painting (or doing other visual art) right now.
p.s. I have said this before, but I love Billy Collins’ poetry.

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