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New Year’s Hugs

These little guys brighten me up!

Happy New Year!

I don’t have a whole lot of thoughtful writing left in me, as I have been spending more time writing other things this past week, and I’ve been putting together a reading list for myself to brush up on my literary repertoire.

Yesterday, we spent the day with GK’s family, doing (or is it having?) sebe and the boys were adorable bowing to their elders and collecting envelopes of little cash.

The night before, my mom and I wished we’d prepared some menudo, and I am thinking that from now on our traditions need to bring in more of our heritage food. I will learn to make tamales for next Christmas, and I will make menudo for New Years Eve, and next year, I need to learn to make duk mandu gook for New Year’s Day. In fact, despite my lack of love affair with cooking, I think I will make 2009 a year to get some go-to Korean recipes (not to mention Mexican!) under my belt, as well as invite my in-laws over more to eat with us. The fact is, GK’s paternal grandmother, who lives back in Korea, died today. She is the reason that we were going to Korea, so that she could meet our boys. I am so sorry about the world of hurt that GK’s dad is feeling tonight.

3 Replies to “New Year’s Hugs”

  • Happy New Year!! If there aren’t enough takers on the menudo, give me a call…love the stuff!

  • I would love to cook/eat Mex food together! Especially the good stuff like menudo. Yum!!! It’s been too long since I’ve had that!

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