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Enchildas in the house! (pics)

Yup, I made them.

Fried the corn tortillas in a med hot corn oil,

until they were crispy, not wiggly,

but still not breakable when bended.

Used my mom’s special sauce,

 New Mexico Chile based:

cook the whole dry chiles in water over a stove until soft,

then strain over a contraption I’ve never seen

other than in my mother’s kitchen,

and get this chili kinda milk consistency sauce.

Dip fried tortillas in sauce.

Stuff with mex cheese & onions,

and roll.

Top with more sauce & cheese.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes give or take,

and serve to hungry children.

The dish remains as pictured for about 25 seconds,

then is demolished.

See, I really am a real Mexican.

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