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A Mother for a Daughter

The coincidence that got me thinking today, is, while in the car to take Zee to his 3rd speech related appointment, is that I heard three very sad stories on the radio about kids needing to go into the foster care system. I am reminded of how these kids need good families. Not that I am the one to save everyone or anything, but kids need homes, need protecting. This fact remains whether or not I am up to the task of doing it myself.

Still, while I can’t offer perfection, or maybe my vision of what’s ideal as a mother, I could still offer something really good. I think.

And it gets me thinking that the more & more time passes, I am seeing that adoption isn’t about filling the empty place in my family that was reserved for a little girl (and what if Enn’s in utero twin was a girl? we’ll never know, we lost that twin at 10 weeks, first trimester.) It is about being a home, being a mother to HER, not about her being a daughter to ME.

I’m just thinking, praying, trying to move along the path that is my life. . .

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  • I can’t wait to catch up with you more about this, but we are really excited for you guys to have a girl! Just think . . . our daughters can grow up together and study with each other! : ) You guys are such an awesome family!!

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