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Consumerist Math Coma

I had a math coma last night.
These are the days when money is tighter, and coupled with my newfound skill at pinching pennies, I have been better at keeping money from pouring out of our bank account like water into a roadside drain on a rainy day.
This was a perfect storm of autopilot consumer, escapist parenting, and anxious parenting:
  • an hour plus away from my boys without a drop-dead return time
  • worries about a ten hour drive to San Diego in a week
  • the need to have my kids not melting down The Entire Time
  • the bliss of being on an outing without little voices pleading for more snacks/toys/running around/the thing my brother has
  • stuff that costs $5 or $1.49 or .97 cents!
  • 5T & 3T batman footie pajamas with capes! ($6.84 ea.)
  • juggling so many needs and to-dos that I am constantly losing track
  • I can’t make long calculations of small numbers….

and I got to the check out line and I was shocked at the result. I can’t even say how bad it was. I just can’t look at the cold reality of the digits staring back at me on this screen.

Now I’ve added another item for my To Do list today.

  • Return almost everything I bought less than twelve hours ago.

What would happen to our economy if people paused & got a conscience about Buying Things, Money and What’s Important?

p.s. I love looking at my children while they are sleeping in the car. Their sweet cheeks all full, their foreheads sweaty from the sun, the quiet peace in the car. God, please let them sleep on our long drive!

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  • I know. I don’t even go into those store anymore. I haven’t been in target or walmart in forever. I just don’t shop, don’t go in becuse things jump in my cart and get me in trouble.

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