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What Enn Wants

a baby sister, not a baby brother. I already have one of those.

Actually, what I really want is a baby kitty. 
Yeah, that’s what I really want.

4 Replies to “What Enn Wants”

  • That’s unbelievably cute. A sister! He’s up for the challenge.

    I just remembered something today, which is, the very first time I met you, Z. was a newborn in a sling (at T.’s house). And there you were, with this Korean baby in a sling, and I thought, “Oh COOL, she adopted from Korea!”

    Only an hour later when you were talking about postpartum or nursing or something, did I deduce that your husband is Korean.

    So in my mind, you’ve been an adoptive mother for a long time!

  • Kitty Kim! That’s it! The perfect name! ha ha….

    and Sh.M., I remember meeting you that day too! How cute about the adoption from Korea. Many people have made that their first assumption for our current adoption plans 🙂 it’s funny! For a long time G new you as the neighbor who loves Koreans… ha!

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