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Adorable Anyway

He’s just so cute.

Is that really all I am going to say? I’m shocked at myself.

Okay, so– he runs circles around me.

I take him to the pumpkin patch today and the whole way there he keeps yelling “Mama!!!” and wanting me to reply “Yes?” and then again “Mama!!!” and my “Yes?” until I catch on that this won’t end so I have to just stare at the road ahead as I drive and let him get all his “Mama!!!’s” out and then we get there & he asks for snack after snack. And when we leave he still wants snack after snack and I pass them back to him so he can eat in the car on the way home and I have no idea that he is just squishing the food in his hands and letting gooey crumbs fall to the floor of the car as he asks for more.

But he’s just so adorable, it really helps as I get on my hands and knees to embark in the exercise in futility that is cleaning my car.

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