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Brighter Day

Can you see the afternoon sun shining on his face?

I love the sunlight at that time of day. It’s so filled with warmth, and when the day is slightly crisp like today, that amber glow is just refreshing.

Enn is thriving at school. Today I sat in on their Bicycle Safety assembly, and watching five classrooms of children wiggle on the floor as they listen to Mr. Policeman, it’s just pretty cute. The little kindergarteners get so excited (waving emphatically, eyes bright) seeing their older siblings, who, upon seeing their younger siblings, scold them to sit down & stop talking.

I also facilitated 30 kids painting paper plates with blue watercolor, and it was drippy, messy and pretty fun. Suddenly I am the mom who knows almost all the kids by name, with random little girls waving at me from their spot on the carpet and little boys saying “Enn’s mom! Help! The sink is overflowing!”

Then a trip to the local craft store to try and figure out how I am going to make our Halloween costumes, only to realize I can’t remember exactly how a panda is colored black & white (where does each color start/stop?) and I forget exactly what the characters look like. Daddy will be Tai Lung, me- Tigress, Enn- Kung Fu Panda, and Zee- Master Shifu. Enn thinks it was his decision, but I pulled the strings to make him decide 🙂 and now I am left with the huge project of figuring out how on earth I am going to make these costumes.

These are the mundane simplicities in life that can actually bring about some autumn joy.


3 Replies to “Brighter Day”

  • That boy looks so much like his daddy in this pic!

    OK, you know I’m SO not crafty, but try using felt for your costumes. It’s cheap and easy to work with (no sew, etc).

    Thanks for having me over yesterday afternoon. I needed that. 🙂

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