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Enough Girl

1.) I watched 2 netflix movies with my mom on Saturday. Seriously, these movies were in my queue and at my house waiting to be watched before we decided to begin our adoption journey. And yet, there they were, and we watched them- The Waitress about a woman with a pregnancy she didn’t expect, and then she has this baby girl she so connects with. Then… No Reservations about a woman whose sister dies & who is left with the custody of her niece, who she adopts. Daughter, daughter, wasn’t I already thinking enough about having a daughter? Did I really need 2 additional shoves into this world of girls?

2.) I got an e-mail. It has been 14 long years, and why now?
3.) My friend got some hard bad news. Too much, too hard. It’s just so easy for some people to pop out little people & grow their families, and then there’s other ones of us that struggle so much for the same thing.
4.) I want to call an agency in Southern California because they have such a large Mexican population as well as large Korean population… maybe we can adopt a Korean-Mexican girl from there?
5.) Oh and our financial system in the US is on the verge of collapse. Just a little unnerving. The Dow lost 777 points? How strange that it would drop such a lucky number. What’s that all about.
OK, that’s enough.
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