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Waiting for a Girl

There’s not much else to do other than wait right now.

We just got a letter in the mail confirming our Screening Appointment for Wednesday. I suppose this is where they decide if we know what we are getting into before they admit us to the November foster adoption classes.

Do we know what we are getting into? A little. With several close friends having done the same within the past few years… we know a little. But there is so much we don’t know.

And there’s not much else I can do. Even once Wednesday comes & goes… we wait one more month. I guess that’s a little like a portion of the first trimester… waiting while seemingly nothing is happening… except in this case nothing is actually happening. But I guess GK and I are continuing to ready ourselves emotionally, mentally. I already have had the thoughts of, if I am really good and patient, will the process go faster? 🙂

Still, I smile when I think about what will be different in raising this girl rather than the boys I already have. Will it be so different? I think it will.

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