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A Daughter

I can’t believe that this is really happening, but it is.

We’ve decided to foster adopt a daughter, a little girl, a toddler.

I keep looking into G’s eyes and saying thank you! Because he didn’t have to really understand… there are people who don’t want to adopt. Or don’t want a third. Or don’t take the time to really take to heart what means so much to someone else. But this idea (soon reality?) of adopting has grown in his heart, too, over the past several months, and I got to see it happen even. I have tears in my eyes, because I get to share my life with a daughter one day.

I hope N & Z know how much they mean to me. That they didn’t let me down. That they are incredible. And Z being the closer one in age, he may wonder, “if I had been a girl, would they have stopped at 2 kids?” Well, I think adoption would still have been on my heart. But now it’s more specific. If baby #2 had been a girl, we may have been open to girl or boy. Now it’s girl only.

Wow. I’m going to have a daughter! At some point.

I totally am still thinking about that sign I saw in Sweden: Running Forbidden.

I saw it on a boat in Stockholm, and something about it struck a funny chord in me. When it comes to being inspired, to seeing something that I want, or making important decisions, I’m a sprinter. Let’s Do This Yesterday!

But not this time. It’s not up to just me. And even if I could control it, I’m not the only one involved.

But Oh, I am thinking about the things I get to do with her. About teaching her about being a girl who has opportunities, responsibilities. About being wise & having fun. Will she be stubborn or compliant? Will she be courageous or timid? Or all of the above?

First things first.

An appointment on Wednesday.

When we start our first class, we will talk to the boys. About how we are praying for the baby who will be our forever baby, who will be their little sister, who will join our family even tho she grew in someone else’s tummy, who is even now growing in our hearts.

Classes in November for 4 Saturdays, unless there is a surprise reason we decide to wait until the early spring to take the classes. G and I are on the same page with this. You can probably guess how I feel at this point about waiting till the Spring for classes.

I’m ready Now.

3 Replies to “A Daughter”

  • Very exciting to think that she might be growing in someone right now, her heart beating, or even out in the world already and she will soon be with you. Amazing

  • I am so thrilled for you guys! What an exciting addition to your wonderful family! We will pray for you all and for your someday-to-be daughter. Awww – won’t that be awesome if our daughters grow up together and become best friends?! : )

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