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Just Once

Just once I’ll leave it at this.

(I know, I deserve some real congratulations for keeping it short. Except it’s because I can’t figure out how to organize the thoughts I am thinking about. Soon, though. Oh shoot. I ruined it. So much for being succinct.)

4 Replies to “Just Once”

  • This was your shortest post yet by far, though I don’t really understand it at all. I think I perfer long and in english. 🙂

    What does it mean anyway? since we ALL didnt’ get to jet over to sweden for the summer and learn cute little swedish sayings!! 🙂

  • heh heh- it means “Running Forbidden.” And there are many layers to this thing that I’m not getting into just yet- maybe I should make some art out of this? 🙂

  • Hi there,
    The sign says “Smoking forbidden”.
    I’m a Korean adoptee living in Copenhagen, Denmark, thus Danish is my mother tongue. Danish and Swedish are nearly the same, in Danish this would be: “Rygning forbudt.
    Kind regards,
    Cph Ninja

  • Oh wow! Thank you so much for telling me! And the sign had meant so much to me when I’d translated it incorrectly! So much for my non-existent Swedish skills.

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